IMG_0125I am an adjunct professor of political science at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida.

Before my career in higher education, I worked in international trade as a licensed U.S. Customs Broker. I became more interested in the relationship between the public and private sector through that experience. Ultimately, it led me to a doctoral program in political science at Kent State University. 

My areas of concentration are American Politics and Policy and Transnational/Comparative Politics. I am particularly interested in social movements and how citizens can impact public policy.  My recent publications and research have focused on democracy, social movements, and nonprofits. I am particularly interested in social movement strategy, including framing.

My book on my dissertation research, Framing the Fight Against Human Trafficking: Movement Coalitions and Tactical Diffusion is available from Lexington Books.  Use code LEX30AUTH19 for a 30% discount. Please see: Lexington Books

I truly enjoy teaching and feel that political science and public policy are necessary courses for understanding how the world works. Students need a good basis of knowledge about political systems, philosophy, ideology, political economy, and sociology. Political science touches all those subjects and more. I am also interested in bridging the gap between academics and practitioners by working with all policy stakeholders and presenting information in a more accessible way. To this end, I have joined like-minded academics in the Scholars Strategy Network.

Contact Information

Twitter: @adclark_phd  / Email: aclark65 at kent.edu  /  ORCID 0000-0002-3110-5871

SSN: https://scholars.org/scholar/amanda-clark